Better Burger Food Truck

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The first food truck I’ve ever been to was definitely a hit! We were up in Salt Lake for a Bees baseball game and realized up the street was this food truck that I’ve had bookmarked for a while now. I was still on my vegetarian kick (which only lasted two weeks)  so I ordered the Veggie Burger and was not disappointed.

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The Veggie Burger was good but I am a newbie when it comes to veggie burgers. Unfortunately, the gluten-free bun was not so great. So I ended up removing the bun and just eating the burger and ordered the fried egg on top. The first bite was dry but then I added some mustard and ketchup it was much better. I could not get enough of their ketchup. I would say without the fried egg on top it wouldn’t have been as good. photo (51)

This milkshake reached beyond my expectations. Brown Haired Boy and I both do not enjoy ice cream that much. I know how could we? But reading the reviews and the menu saying it used fresh fruit with Utah’s local Farrs’ ice cream I couldn’t pass it up. Originally I was hoping the fruit of the day was peaches and almost didn’t order it because it wasn’t. However the raspberry milkshake was amazing. I could not get enough. I didn’t finish the burger and ignored my fries because the shake was so good. Don’t worry I went back to the fries after the ball game. They were good. I am obsessed with sweet potato fries so whenever they are on the menu I have to order them. I’m always on the hunt for the best sweet potato fries in Utah. My husband on the other hand loves regular potato french fries. He still liked these but said they were too sweet-potato-y for him. They were cooked in canola oil and I found them to be perfect and I felt healthy eating them. I think it was just missing a great sauce to be paired with. photo (52)

This food truck is known to feature local products and use grass-fed meat which is why I had it on the top of my list. BHBoy ordered the garlic burger. He loved it. I was definitely jealous. He loves anything with garlic and said it wasn’t over the top garlic-y which was perfect in his book.
photo (53)

We will definitely be back to this food truck. I hope next time they will have the peach and I will try a different burger. I am so glad it was my first! You know what they say about your first, you never forget it!

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